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November 2022 CERC Companion Available Online
View the November 2022 issue of the CERC Companion online. See the pictures in color here before they arrive in the mail. Available Now! Click on “Companion Online”. Save our club mailing and printing costs by requesting an electronic copy of the Companion, please let Tom Ohman or Tom Zebehazy know.

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The Christmas Party date for 2022 has been changed to Tuesday December 20 since the Gazebo has another scheduled affair on the second Tuesday. Go to Events to see the Christmas Party details.

We are looking for a Vice President and a Secretary. The time commitment is very small and comes with complimentary luncheons. If you are inerested please let Larry Marshick or Tom Zebehazy know

Coming soon!!

— Nancy Bernhardt passed away on Saturday October 22, 2022 from cancer. Go to 2022 Death Notices to read about her funeral service. Nancy was a member of the CERC Board and was our Christmas Party Planner.
— Ed Pauly has resigned due to health issues. Please consider volunteering to fill the secretary position. The time commitment is very small.
— Joe Orlando has been staying at the Fraser Villa Rehab and
Wellness Center since December 16th. He has strength issues
with his arms and legs.  Joe’s cell phone number is (586) 202-4886.    Fraser Villa is located at 33300 Utica Road between 14 and 15 Mile Roads.

— CERC HAS A NEW ADDRESS FOR SENDING CHECKS AND UPDATES: Please send all correspondence to CERC P.O. Box 378 Lake Orion, MI 48361.

— It is time to renew your membership in CERC. Hopefully, next year we can resume our normal activities. Please send your $15 to CERC, P.O.Box 378 Lake Orion, MI 48361.

— We are still looking for someone to come forward and take over the Vice-Presidents position, the Secretary position, the Lunch Organizer and the Lunch Menu person.

— The Gazebo has raised the cost of meals by $3 and with service charges and tax the cost went up almost $4. Therefore, luncheon prices for 2022 need to be raised to $20. This is still less than the total cost which is more than $22, with the difference made up by our club and the 50/50 drawing. The cost at the door for walk-ins will be $25.

— Our club is looking for new officers to serve on our board. There are many openings available. The time commitment is not very large. Please consider volunteering and supporting your club.

— It is time to mail in your dues for 2022. Please renew your CERC membership before February 28 by sending $15 to CERC P.O. Box 378 Lake Orion, MI 48361.

— The Directory on the website has been completely updated. Please take the time to review your information. If you have any changes, please contact Tom Ohman or Tom Zebehazy

— Click on “About Us” to view your 2022 elected board and committee members which has been recently updated.

Octobert Luncheon Pictures

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