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Email from Jackie
Hi: If you like Old Navy aircraft here is a couple of pictures sent
to me from my old friend (Stoof driver) pilot and retired navy
Captain Jim Shaw... Jackie..
First, look at WWII pictures.  Then at the very end there are
photo groups that you can bring up, from the current Tour de
France, Gaza battle, etc. They are truly amazing, so take your
time.  Hope you enjoy them.

Absolutely incredible. I had no idea such an array of pictures

Aug 8 2009
E-mail from Mal Hanson -  August 2011

I had an opportunity to drive a Volt yesterday. GM brought this one
over to Chev. Eng. Retiree Club luncheon and board meeting. I
believe I was the only one asked to drive out of some 140 attendees.
Marie rode with me at the risk to her life!  Mal
Thought that you might remember these. The first one is a tool
check to get special tools out of the crib (via Elmer during my time!).
I think that they originated at Holbrook. The second and third
pictures are of a brass stamping made in the CEC shops during an
open house in 1983. Not as old as Ken's ash tray but treasured

PS - I still have about 4 of those old Chevrolet Engineering ice

Tom Smith  
Note from Tom Smith on Dec. 5, 2011
Note from Ken Leininger on Dec. 1, 2011
Yes, that good ol'e plastic ice scraper that seemed to appear in
every CEC test vehicle / company car's glove box.  That email and
image sparked a dormant brain cell, and I had to check it out . . . I
still have my dad's '83 Chevy pickup which for the brave of heart is
still a daily driver.  And yes, in the glovebox, still in its original
unopened white envelope, rests one of these plastic beauties. The
envelope has two hole punches which makes me conclude that
these were originally delivered to CEC's fleet as an insert in the
vehicle log book.

Paul, we all remember the 1972 CEC open house like it was
yesterday - attached are a couple of images of one of the souvenirs
from that day.  Yes, its kind of beat - I must've used it in the garage
to hold nuts n bolts . . . .
Note from Dick Amacher on Nov. 29, 2011

Remember these? CEC Ice Scrapper
CEC and GM memorabilia from Tom Gilmore by way of Paul
Billion on Dec. 2. 2011. Click '